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Calvary Answers For Me

Signature Sound

Satan just cowers, To think of the power he lost, When the Cross had its day, Gone are the mornings, When fear without warning, Would win and again have its way, Now when Satan reminds me of things I regret, I bring up Calvary lest he forgets

High on the mountain of sorrow and shame, Grace signed my pardon as Christ took the blame, When I'm called to answer for my history, Calvary answers for me, Calvary answers for me

I am now under, The beautiful wonder of grace, That erased all my past, I feel the heartbeat of mercy inside me, And now I have found joy at last, I live in freedom that chains cannot bind, And I won't look back at what I've left behind

Paragon Music Corp/Vacation Boy Music/ASCAP (Administered by Brentwood Benson Publishing Music Inc) All rights reserved. Used by permission

Compositor: Joel Lindsey

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