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Whatcha Gonna Do?


Once upon a time, not long ago
When gangstas rock waves smoke dope and sniff blow
There was a young G by the name of Shyne Poe
Puttin' it down, cuttin' it up and cookin' it now
It's been a lotta dick ridin' for lack of a betta words
Speculations on the guns I hold underneath my furs
Similarities in my voice nigga check the words
I'm in for winter to doe's that pinch merds from the cur
Dodgin' and dippin' the narcs
Since the young Frank Matthews the rap version
Touch my trap on my smack the gats burstin'
thats sertin leave ya face and ya chest and ya back jerkin'
Uh--y'all got me fucked up like
My desert eagle and my zig don't bust right
Like my guns is racin',muthafucka don't you know I
Make ya heart stop and ya body start shakin'
Now you know the bottom line of this rhyme crime
25 to life plus 9

Chorus: 2x
Whatcha gon' do when shit hit the thin
Take it like a man or snitch like a bitch
Whatcha gon' do when shit hit the thin
Pray to God,go hard or lay up in the morgue

Evil grin,dead eyes,walkin wit a bock, monster
Best way to describe my posture
In this world of sin I'm as wicked as they come
Moonlightin' as a rapper get this ticket and I'm done
Ain't enough money here I ratha be in the tropics
Wit cau-si-cans when narcotics is the only topic
Persian rocks and things the man that made the snow
Tiger Paul
And every other form of raw
Since a team been handlin, nigga been scramblin'
Bettin' on money in Vegas gamblin'
Desert in the abdomen, pissy drunk stylin',staggerin'
More than you can imaginin
Uh--thoughts randomin, runnin through my mind
Like who's the best MC's - Biggie, Jay-Z, and Shyne
Demented as a young'n, apple 2nd comin'
Evil thoughts runnin' through my cerebellum
Shyne Poe what the fuck you gon' tell 'em?
All you niggas that wanna be fly my gun shots'll propell 'em
Leavin' somewhere smellin', repellin'
Closed caskets for you fuckin' bastads c'mon

Chorus: 2x

Only the strong survive,weak niggas bleed
And get found,wit they fuckin' face down
Numb from the waist down
I done been to hell and back
Twice and still in crack
Staired death and the eyes and never blink
And shots rip through my mink
Went to war wit the realist killas
Killed friends over jealousy and envy
My heart's empty
Behind the wheel of my Bentley
Cooped up feelin' invincible
'Bout to take over the world I can't be stopped
Not the feds or the fuckin' cops
Not even 17 shots
Can but a end to this terror
I'ma live forever,cuz gangstas don't break
We just get plastic surgery and relocate
To anotha state
or island ,smilin',money pilin',wildin'
Yo Puff over done them fuckin' violins
Uh this shit is bigger than me though ask Oliver North
Kill you then use your corpse,to transport horse
Leave ya brains hangin' from ya fuckin' car window
Any nigga snitch and givin' info
Since my motha stomach coke and liquor
Was the mixture
Betta be prepared when we hit ya

Chorus: Fade til end

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