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Cease Fire(Feat. Jamie Sommers) (feat. Jamie Sommers)


Dumb bitch...
Stinkin' ass hoe
Suck my dick and swallow cum
That's all you good for anyway
You ain't never been shit
So you ain't never gonna be shit
You heard, dumb bitch
Caught this..

Apple look good but it might have a worm in it
I wouldn't fuck you again, with the next nigga's dick
You a dumb bitch from hoeland, I swam in your pussy
My boat sink tryin to go there, miss syphillis
Somebody turned her in quick, there's a 5g reward
She wanna by the gynocologist, queen fish be on the bench
Drinkin ol' english with leg swings, thighs and breasts
The chickenhead click
If y'all started a group, your logo would be a dick
Shoved in the kiss fm lips
Wouldn't give a nigga blue balls if they was crips
Just an ass, soggy now, you used to be thin
You used to be thin...

[both] cease fire, bitch stop burning
[both] apple look good but it might have a worm in it
[jamie] your dick's the dirtiest carryin murder shit
[jamie] with the package urgent, what you workin with?

I hit it in the studio, I hit in the cab
I hit it at the hotel, I hit at my lab
I hit in the grass, hit it slow, hit it fast
Wore your pussy out so bad had to fuck you in the ass
I hit in the path, the ac and the mack
Made you hold the gat and crash, you was on my dick like that
Runnin out the mall with lizzi bags
Stinkin bitch, I know this track got you real mad
I put you on blast, roll the l and weed and hash
And laugh, put you in the past like memories...

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