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Leslie Carter - Like Wow!


Shrek - Music From The Original Motion Picture

Everything looks bright... (2x)

Everything looks bright standing in your light
Everything feels right, what's left is out of sight,
What's a girl to do? I'm feeling you,
You're on my mind

I wanna be with you,
When you're standing next to me (It's like wow)
Ya know your kisses seem to set me free (It's like
Cuz when we touch, it's such a rush, I can't get
It's like, it's like...

Ooh ooh ooh, hey, what?
It's like wow (3x)
Ooh, hey, what,
It's like wow

Should I hesitate when it feels this great?
Don't wanna make a big mistake,
Don't wanna make ya think I'm playin' games,
I'm just tryin' to say

Pre-chorus - repeat

Chorus - repeat

Fascinated by your love, you know it's all I'm
thinking of,
Have I waited long enough? My mind and heart are all
mixed up,
Feeling higher than a cloud, all my senses are like
Ooh, hey, what... it's like wow.

(Ooh, hey, what)
Spoken: You know it's all I'm thinking of

Chorus - repeat

Never felt this feelin',
It's real and it's just like wow

Spoken: You know its all I'm thinking of
It's like wow (everything feels right)
Everything feels right now
Like wow (everything looks bright)
All my senses are like,
Like wow (everything feels right)
Baby baby baby,
The way I'm feelin' you is like wow

Ooh ooh ooh,
Hey, what?
It's like wow (2x)


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