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Return To Eden


Can’t you see what we’ve created? Can’t you hear our mother cry? Can you tell by the oil of the oceans filled with oil or the haze that keeps appearing in the sky? Can’t you see where we’re going? Shortsightedness will be our death. And the seed to the solution is to give up our intrusion on this earth before we choke out our own breath. Return to a place forgotten in time – to a mindset left behind. And all we hold as valuable needs to get redefined. Return to Eden. In one hundred years of progress, we’ve dug our grave so very deep. And the earth as we remember stand burning in its embers - urban sprawls and the malls – we took it cheap. Yes I’m returning back to Eden. Not for the world but for me. Cuz this lifestyle we’ve created and all we’ve decimated has been taking me far away from me.

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