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Back To Vrindavan


Back to a place I wish I never left. Back to a place ‘cuz I’m feeling so bereft today. Where saints and sages walk right down the street. As the kick the dust up with their lotus feet. The monkeys chase the peacocks all around. While a sadhu offers praying lying face flat on the ground. A place where I can go but I can’t cheat. Where everybody knows what’s inside of me and I’m sitting here so desperately. Cuz I’ve been living without giving back and losing touch with what’s inside of me and the fact is I want to go back. A resting place to finally belong. A land where every step’s a dance and each word’s a song. These costumes I wear get heavier day by day. Want to strip if off and throw it all away. Entangled in a world my head spins. Can’t remember how I dropped right in anymore. Temporary rooms are where I dwell. Looking for that home from where I fell.

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