Sheila E.

Koo Koo

Sheila E.

Come see Koo Koo man
Doing very worst he can
See him spend his lonely dime
Things design the Koo Koo time

Koo Koo, Koo Koo
Koo Koo, Koo Koo

Everybody, come see Koo Koo girl
She can't resist the Koo Koo world
2 young 2 know better, 2 old 2 refuse
First she had an abortion, now she's got the blues
(She got the blues)

Come and dig the Koo Koo war
Rumor has, it got started cuz our leaders got bored
New toys with a laser teach children 2 kill
Who knows when they're older, maybe they will
Nothing gained, paradise lost
Koo Koo's the trip and death is the cost
It's your world... 4 a little while

Peace, mother, brother, peace of mind
We got 2 love one another all the time
Cuz a kiss on the lips is better than a knife in the back
Can U get 2 that or is your blue train
runnin' on a Koo Koo track?
U're 2 laxed, 2 lazy 2 dig all the facts
What it is y'all? We need a new plan, new plan of attack
Everybody jam, we've got the knack
Let's party y'all, let's party y'all
Cuz a kiss on the lips is better than a knife in the back
Now everybody say it

Koo Koo, Koo Koo
Koo Koo

It's your world (Your world)
4 a little while

Composição: Sheila E

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