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When The Lightning Strikes Again

Sheena Easton

Such imagination in your eyes, when you're touching me
The way your hands feel, so cool, I can tell you do it from memory
But I want you now, and I don't care, if it isn't right or it isn't fair
So you better beware

When the lightning strikes again, what you gonna do
When the lightning strikes again, it's gonna tear your heart out
But when the lightning strikes, it's gonna be forever
Maybe now or maybe never

Call it fascination with the way our love survives another night
I wanna tell you that it's over, but you just say "turn out the light"
Well you hurt me once, now you're back for more
I just don't know what we're heading for, so you better watch out


Once again on the edge of an old romance
Where you gonna go, how you gonna get out?

(Instrumental break)

chorus repeats out

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