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Love Will Make You Wise

Sheena Easton

35 years forever and a day
and it all came down to this
that nothing in this world's gonna last forever
and perfect doesn't exist
but every sleepless nights got to count for something
and it's finally offered up it's prize
living alone got to make you stronger ( I know)
but only love can make you wise

well i've taken so manywrong turns in my life
to come home to this place
with you sleeping here beside me
your soft hand resting on my face
and when you wake i'll see the very best of me
shining right there in your eyes
you need me and that's all I need to know
your love has made me wise

so i'd sell my soul and stand in line
to hold your place in heaven
cause the day i was blessed by your sacred kiss
i knew that all my sins had already been forgiven ( thanks Jesus)

At night I hold my babies to me
and whisper in their hair
if there's only so much love to go round
then I already got my share
I guess I prayed so hard for a miracle (but)
that god answered me twice
yes life has taught me all I neede to know
but love seet love
love sweet love
life will teach you all you need to know
but only love....
will make you wise

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