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Days Like These

Sheena Easton

Mama said love will come easy
Falling in love won't be hard
So don't be misled by your feeling
Cause some will just play
With your heart

Wouldn't you know she was right
For the ninety-nith time
She knew just what was inside
Cause I fell in love with a man
Who don't even care
Her words are what kept me alive

There will be days like these
There will times
When you just can't go on
There will be seconds of minutes
Minutes of hours
That's when you got to be strong

Hold on
Hold on

Dady said love was a mistery
Said there are no rules
For the heart
It's been that way
Throughout History
Together today
Then apart

Wouldn't you know he was right
For the ninety-nith time
He knew just what was inside
Cause I fell in love with a man
Who treats me so bad
His words are so fresh
In my mind

Repeat Chorus 2X

Hold on because good love
Is so hard to find
If you find that special love
You know it's right
Hold on because sweet love
Brightens your life
You'll find your sweet love
In time

Hold on

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus and fade

Compositor: D. Simmons; L.a. Reid

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