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The Frst To Let Go


1st verse

In my meagor defense I've tried to make sense
of the chaos that clutters my mind
you can nail to my soul every reason to go
but the reason to stay I would find

cause there's no resolution or clear-cut conclusion
as I'm caught between the ebb and flow
but for you I'll discover the will to recover
for you I'll be first to let go

2nd verse

Im not his I'm not yours I'm not mine anymore
somehow the silver lining was torn
and we won't get to far with the door just ajar
only whispers keeping us warm

repeat chorus
the first to let go

I'll send you lullaby
across the first open sky
so looking to heaven you'll know
for you I let go

when I see on your face
one day I've been replaced
I'll smile as I watch you fly
and say one grateful prayer
to the angel that's there
and cry for the one left behind

Repeat Chorus

The first to let go

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