Shawty Lo

[Shawty Lo - Chorus]
Wtf God damn what the f-ck,
If you don't give a damn we don't give a f-ck
Put your middle fingers up
Rep your hood I said go yeah throw it up

[Shawty Lo - Verse 1]
Still at the base f-cking with the pots
I love the white girl cos the brown won't (?)
I f-ck with the trappers, I owe you a lot
Cos you the main reason a n-gga got what he got
Catch me in the spot
On the money night
Blow a hundred thousand 80 bags friday night
Omg Oh My God
Wtf My pockets so large
Don't play golf, lets get this understood
Ain't prejudice, got more white than Tiger Woods
Wood green down the course (?)
But I aint made the Forbes
Sign a pre-nup just in case we get divorced

[Shawty Lo - Verse 2]
If you don't like me, go head, get it off your chest
Smoking on that Cali, Dj Khaled we the best
I'm in the Lamb 2 seater
Still in the kitchen call me Mr egg beater
Now you hear me through the speaker
34 bars and the same full feature
N-ggas round here stressin'
I been getting money what the f-ck is your obsession


[Lil Wayne]
Came in this bitch with a lot of blood n-ggas
Shotgun loaded elma fudd n-gga
The day I met money I fell in love n-gga
And now we love birds call us doves' n-gga
They say it's better to give well I don't give a f-ck
Cut the check bitch, get the your scissors up
Put that d-ck all in that b-tch equilibrium
Im eating p-ssy in the f-cking cafeteria
Wtf they call me F
Burn ya house down, just your teeth left
Haha, and I f-ck with shorty lo
Young Ceo, bring the hook and bring dem hoes

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