Keep On Looking

Sharon Jones & The Dap-kings

Once I had a good man
Once a good man, he had me
A “happy do right” good man
Made me sing sweet melodies

Happiness was around me
You know I had to get mine’s twice
No sorrow will surround me
Once a good man, you know he did me right

Treated me good
Made me happy
But then one day he left me

There’s something I must confess
When he left, I was in a mess

Oooh let me testify
Let me rectify
And explain how he did me wrong

Ooh he left me all alone
Oh! One day that good man was gone
Whoa! He left me all alone
And I said,

“Is there some state of true love?
Between a woman and a man?”
I guess I gotta keep on searching. Yeah!
I’ma keep on searching ‘til I find that love again

Oh! Gotta keep on looking
I’m gonna look high, hey!
I’m gonna look low
Yeah, everywhere I go

Gotta keep on looking! Yeah!
For that true love again
Yeah, let me find that true love again
Break it down, break it down… yeah…

Well, ahem um um… yeah
Gonna keep on looking
For that true love again

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