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It's Alright

Shania Twain

The Complete Limelight Sessions

Nothing's better than
spending time together,
hangin' round.
Wish it was forever,
love and sunny weather
shining down.
Oooh you're my lover,
there's no other yeah.
Friends like me and you
can share a little lovin' to.

And it's alright,
where gettin' together.
Every night,
making every minute.
yeah, we're right.
Love is everything we feel.
And it's so good,
doin' all the things
we never could.
Even if we're not sure
that we should.
Together with you and me.

Buildin' sandcastle's,
be as little rascals
Having fun.
Layin' on the beach,
just stayin' out of reach
for everyone.
Let's forever
stay together yeah
Let's keep what we've got,
forgettin' what we odd to do.

Chorus and fade

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