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If It Wasn't True



I'm sitting on the couch, feeling alone
I don't feel right, cause no one's home
I start to think about the things in the past
The feelings were right, the fun always lasts

Your kiss it was so sweet, it meant everything
It felt like commitment, without a ring

Now I feel like we don't have no fun
This isn't for me, I don't like what we've become

Now we just fight and I can't look at you
The silent treatment is all that we do

I tried to let you know that you were wrong
But all it did was keep you gone

I wanna cry, I wanna feel emotions now
I'm kicking and screaming and having a cow

Now I can't even talk to you, I guess this is it
I guess that we are through, are through

But girl
I wouldn't known about it
I wouldn't known about it
If it wasn't true

(True, true, true, true)

The sun is out and there's no more clouds
I feel I can approach you now

I can be with you without feeling down
Yeah, we can speak without a single shout

We took some time to heal all our wounds
Now what was made by me and you?

Now we can let go of the little things
This isn't love, I guess that it was


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