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There's a darkness where you left me
In this hole I have made a home
In this deep blue, where it takes me
Feels stronger when I'm alone
But lonely don't seem to do

In the glowing of the morning
In the dawning of the day
Couldn't bring you back to where you would stay
And I wanna call my mother, but she'll just make me feel bad
About how long it's been since she has
Heard my voice on the phone
And my fucking father won't leave me alone

And I called my mother and she told me what to say
And she read my horoscope, what did the tarot cards say?
And I'm growing older, don't need much from you
But I thank you for all that you got me through
But I'm finally ready
Yes, I'm finally ready
I'm finally ready to go at it alone
Finally ready to go at it alone
I am ready to go at it alone

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