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The Bormann Chain

Sex Gang Children

The Bormann Chain

Oh the bright young things go ape-shit crazy, drink black water
And always malpractice with their Asiatic resignation
Wwith their out-stretched arms, just like Cicero
You will yet have the aura of a true murderer
Yeah, I took you for a killer, did you take me out of kindness?
No, I am not a christian writer. Yeah, I took you for a killer!
All day, and everyday, I'm gathered to sack
Where the star-spangled banner plays our tune
It's a flame beauty cruelty, that upholds annuity
For the cow that jumped over the moon
Hate! Don't shoot!
He's fished and fiercest when under the sun
But Kingdom comes at the point of a gun
Kingdom come!
He once had ten fingers, and now there are none!

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