Sex Gang Children

Janus Head

Sex Gang Children

Won't someone help me briar a rosy
Hedgehog and roast beef riding a pony
Coughing casinic empty and lonely
When you were virgin when you were holy
I'm not afraid and I'm not a liar
Said the boy with the torch at the funeral pyre
All the kings maids, all the kings men
Tied them together for suzie again
Old uncle tony, poor little sailor,
All the kings maids and all the kings men
Tie them together for suzie again, higher!
Stainless steel water, old alabaster, but love
On the stairs is all that I'm after
The drum beat died when allah cried
I'll give you my breath when
It's all I have left! a bushel of coins
The wretches prize, I'll give you my death
When it's all I have left, higher!
Ginny a rum boat soldier and sailor!

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