Voice Of Jacob

Seven Witches

When you look into his eyes
(sensing haunting deja-vu)
Do you see yourself inside
(a child, reflections of me)
Are your questions finally asked
(Jacob run, run, Jacob run)

The voices keep haunting me
(Jacob, Jacob, Jacob)
They won't let me rest
(why me, why me)

Now he lives with all the pain
(am I the chosen)
Never knowing who to blame
(is it me, is it me)
What is mean to be will be
(stop the voices in my head)

All this fear inside
Can't find my way through the night
Oh the pain inside
Keeps me running to the light

In chilling wind his voice is heard
(In chilling wind his voice is heard)
Takes me to the other side
(Passage to the other side)
Passage of light

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