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Majestic Farewell


This time we are persistent & strong, whether conceal feel of renascence
We are careful shadow of lonely, feel the secret fearful majestic farewell

Brightness just shine the holy night, ripple of estuary
Eyes of saintliness sparkle gentle and lovely

Meditate on the ocean turn over and over again
Consciousness is burning to the cradle of the new world

Walk quickly puppet, injured wild beast, heartless devil, ballet
Prisoner of soul, true fatalize, slake with tears, lick up

Heap and make a contribution, expel sin and avarice
Free from anxiety & sadness, run high to welkin

Haze spring out to sky Mist pass through sea of heaven

Moonlight rush down fascinating gloss, dreaming of eternal universe
Clear & dark compare to each other, chaste starlit night lacerate cloudy sky

The tiny gold dust ambiguous to flashing magically
The sadly teardrops filled with glamour spark of light

Foggy great wall, trample in sludge, emaciation increasingly, panic
Spirit banish3ed, forget in island, cruel laugh grimly, defeat

Listen to the eternal ring, flow in precious new breath
Conceal in deep of eternal life, perfect intuition

Ah! A wild laughter, panic-stricken, majestic farewell

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