Can't Take


Dust is falling in the peace of mind, complex stars turn over emptiness
Misted emotion comes with sorrowful crying into silence

Never ends a withered heartbreak, the world of heartache
Hard to give up the passion of wholeheartedness

Love that I can't take, heavy-hearted mind in my life, affection between you & I
Tonight dispels love that can't be loved in a heartless world, our fate just in your eyes

Stormy sky changes in the twinkling of an eye, the lunar eclipse rises the waves are beating
I ask myself no matter if it's right or wrong? all I need is peace

An empty mind makes me tired out, day-burned & night's curse
Between the love & hate that's inseparable

Love that I can't take, fall into a trap, lacerate the soundless silence of the night
Surmise whose love will fight to fight till I die, can't feel at ease in my mind

I can't wake the intellection after deep sleep, recall your soul, come alone!
Even if it's separation in life or death, inward, never ends!!

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