All the drama and the words
Endless noise reflecting
No value, no substance
In anything your saying
Confusing a reason
But no one is really listening
Just seeking approval
Desperate to draw attention
die behind your mask

No substance or logic
Behind a mask, you're hiding
Keep reaching for something
Untruthful accusations
Your bullshit is wasted
It only makes us stronger
More proof in our actions
Can stand by what we are doing

die behind your mask

Hide, lie, hide
Take your mask off

The true voice our music
It's always been our music
Can't speak to our faces
It's easy to put your mask on
The typing and bitching
It's how you keep your distance
There's always a reason
We've moved beyond your limits

Hide, lie, hide
Take your mask off

A life in disguise
It's all a dream
Look at me, it's so predictable
With your head bowed down
It's time to cross these lines
And stand to face, look at me!

Hide, lie, hide
Take your mask off

By Gabriel

Compositor: Derrick Green; Andreas Kisser

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