Send More Paramedics

Corrupted by a dominating greed
A bored and disaffected mind that pays the old morality no heed

His studies start to take a darker turn
He fathoms secrets we weren’t meant to learn

Midnight lamp
Burns in the lab
Rotting corpse
Lies on the slab
Learning fast
Seeking, finding ways
‘Til at last
He raises the dead from their graves!

“And who can withstand me now,
With all of the dead behind me?
Your rulers were once so proud,
But now they will kneel before me.
Obedience unreasoned, blind
A force of five billion zombies
The lordship of humankind
My destiny -

It’s my fate to rule the world!”

Ambition warps his sensibility
Megalomaniacal streak
Emerges and asserts priority

But best-laid plans will sometimes go awry
Our anti-hero takes his turn to die

Ripped apart
Severed limb from limb
His black art
Cannot save him
Still they rise
Forced to second birth
Living dead
Will conquer the earth!

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