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Fear from nation unto nation breeds a nuclear confrontation
Blast fallout and radiation causes a viral mutation
Triggers mass reanimation, widespread zombie infestation
Mutual assured destruction leads to an undead eruption

Living in fear of the alien horde
A zombie’s heart is as cold as the coldest of wars

Now amid the devastation zombies plot your mastication
Scenes of gruesome ruination give them sweetest delectation
Glowing freaks of putrefaction seek a ghoulish satisfaction
Killers with a single mission yearn for cranial nutrition

Devil-spawn hatched by thermonuclear war
If you live by the sword, then you will die by the sword

Caused by their taste
For human flesh
Nuclear waste
There’s nothing left
It’s Judgement Day

Gametes warped by nuke-pollution alter human evolution
Genetic contamination engendering an aberration
Undead and deformed creation, gross beyond imagination
Warped beyond all recognition, freakish flesh this hellish vision

Inhuman cries
Hateful half-lives
This place of sighs
Where this race dies
Amid the dust
Zombies rise
And scream their lust
To poisoned skies

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