Blood Fever

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Feeling Fucked Up Since I Got That Bite
What In Hell Was Eating That Fucking Guy?
Sweating Like A Killer In This Horrid Night
Feelings Of Foreboding Stalking Through My Mind
Scratching At This Freaking Itch In My Flesh
My Brain Is Gonna Burst Out My Skull, I Feel Like Death
Feel Like Crawling Out Of My Skin
Lie Here And Wait For The Nightmare To Begin
Now It's Getting Worse, I'm Starting To Twitch
Frothing At The Mouth Like A Son Of A Bitch
Stay The Fuck Away, That Light's Too Bright
The Way I'm Feeling Now, Well I Must Have Died
Burning Like Wildfire In My Veins
Some Of The Things I'm Seeing Now Should Not Have Names
My Sickness Breaks Into Bud
Tasting The Beginnings Of A Terrifying Lust For Blood
Blood Fever
Driven Wild By Unholy Thirst
Smell Of Blood Making Me Go Berserk
Brain Now Inflamed With Unceasing Rage
Come Here My Little Darling And I'll Eat Your Face
Fuck That Shit I'll Take All You Fuckers On
Slavering And Raving Like A Human Dog
Never Felt So Dead But I Never Felt So Alive
This Shit Is Blowing My Fucking Mind
Blood Fever
Blood Fever
I Am The Fucking Reaper

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