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Take Me Away


As beautiful as fire against the evening sky
You fuel the lost desire
I no longer wanna die
Take me by the hand
And see beyond the lie
Strip away the fences
Leaving me needing
Leaving me high
I know you're so
Solo but I can't
Take me away
(cause I don't wanna lose control)
Take me away
(cause I don't lose it all)
Relieved of all the pain
You let me see again
Delivered from my shame now
And I'm lost for what to say
Cleansed and pure and weak
I suffer when I dream
I need to find a purpose
Need to feel you needing me
I know you're so solo I can't
Pure and weak
I suffer when I dream
Cleansed of me I suffer when I dream
I want you to stay
You take the pain away
Want you to stay
I need you here to keep me sane

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