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Shake Baby Shake


Uh uh uh
(Elephant Man)
Shizzle ma nizzle
Ladys shakin? someting
I don?t care what it is
Time to get busy
It?s get on the dancefloor, the shake
Whe me gyal dem deh
Yuh know!

(chorus) (Elephant Man + Seeed)
Shake baby shake baby shake baby shake
Gyal wine an? no stop buss de place (come)
Shake baby shake baby shake baby shake
Watcha di gyal dem a wine dem waist
Shake baby shake baby shake baby shake
Wassup wah yuh ena say yuh make monkey face (yuh know)
Shake baby shake baby shake baby shake (uh!)
Endlich was reelles in ?ner Welt voller Fake
(verse 1) (Enuff)
Die Erde ist hin??mm und gib mir deine Hand
Baby du und ich und alle tanzen R?anner Wand
Wir schmeiߥn die heiߥn letzten and tighten Parties im Land
Orgien am Pool Handstand am Beckenrand
Was sind Bomben im Irak gegen deinen Granatenarsch
Shakin? the curb du machst die Player im Laden scharf
Die Welt ist mir egal Baby wenn ich dich haben darf
Sch?das Ding Mommy egal was dein Vater sagt


(verse 2) (Elephant Man)
Wine up yuh waist like Electric Boogie
Every man a look when yuh a shake that body
Don?t stop buss di place Miss Goody Goody
Ah when dem gyal a really a study
Oh me extending nah show?ll up
With yuh an me a send it
From me do de top a so me frenny
Dat a recommend it
Natty fi want da uman coulda bend it
Guinness a old man a blend it
Gyal walk an ? it
An? she waan fi claim out fi send it
Blue Mountain peak she wah a send it
Never bruck it never bend it
? a transen it
Di whole time yard me goin? lend it


(verse 3) (Ear)
Let?s brake this track
You keep movin? for fun back
We snitch into the witch
Which will make us damn rich

Even if the club was empty and yuh feel got tired
Shake baby shake baby shake baby shake
Even if the resident deejay got fired
Shake baby shake baby shake baby shake
Wanta drinks to par we stay drunk
Stickin? have a de movements a yuh body
Don?t be so humble girl why should I lie
Yuh know how to get that shakin? thing started

(verse 4) (Eased)
I?ll give you what you need, if you beg, if you plede
This is Seeed with a bag full of dancehall vibes.
(Let me) take you to a dance, give you a chance to see the girls dem
prance and advance to the boys all night.

Floor Filler Filler
Take mi from the Bug to di Joyride
Killer Killer
Selecter play the Buzz and di Harddrive
Chilla Chilla
Before you blow my mind, gimme a break, a little time,
a rewind (for the) Cuss Cuss slow wine
(Bring a) thriller thriller
I can never get enough of the Bada Bada
Top Seller seller
Divali and di Bitch go Underwater

All the ladies, all my dancing babies, fascinate me!
Wind and grind! Gimme ya looks anytime!


Composição: Diogo M

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