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A Year And A Day

Secret Dakota Ring

i walk around today with one feeling a black hole of perpetual doubt
people's happy expressions come at me but they don't seem to make their out.
it was a cold autumn day just like this one when i tore our world apart
i swear one of these days they're gonna find me on the floor dead of a broken heart.

i hope someday you're a big big star like audrey or bridgette bardot
but in my dreams you're already famous cause you always play the leading role
maybe one day you'll think that i was just young and dumb and forgive all my sins
but i got the feeling it's something you don't believe in and you're never gonna let me back in.

you used to say i was the sweetest little puppy every time every time you looked in my eyes
well, you know, a puppy's still a dog and dog is so good at telling lies.

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