Secret Dakota Ring

I woke up by the sea
At vista and willoughby
And christmas lights were hanging over me.

Walked through the kitchen door
Over black and white tiled floors
And those empty shelves, the way they used to be

I was one stop from letting go but then you came around right in front of me
And now i'll never know if you will always be right in front me
I hope you think that it's not too late
I want you to believe that i'm on your side.

Stayed quiet past ryan's room
Candles and perfume touching my nose
And now i'm getting close

A bed-sheet's still on the screen
A perfect body still unseen
And meals on the rug, a tabletop of green

The pictures on the chest are new
And your bed's a sea of blue
So i'll jump straight in and wait right here for you

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