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'Til Death do Us Join


tied to my bed, counting seconds to my death
dying body parts, descending my last breath
spontaneous bleeding wounds, new ones every day
if there's a God, please make this go away

I count - my days, alone - I wait
your final will - donate

minutes go so slow, with poison in my veins
I am but young, yet dying of old age
force myself to hope, for help in any way
to rid myself off flesh, rottening with decay

only until death - do us join
can I hope to be reborn
only until death - do us join
my fate state of (the) art technique avoid

hollow bodyshell, used-up inner core
sickness spreading fast, cannot eat no more
holding on to life, but I see no reason why
am I to live, someone else has to die

I pray for resurrection
more likely a dissection
promise me observation
but use me for education

lost my faith in medicine
witness to no evidence
I know now that all is lost

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