Sexy Lady

Sean Paul

Sean Paul:
Sexy, since from di first time
Mi a sight yuh mi nuh tell nuh lie
I and I, really waan fi get yuh needle eye
Like di first time mi light up to get mi high
Gimme di bligh, girl yuh know yuh gotta comply
Don't, gimme di fight just gimme di try
Nuh bodda shy, cau mi nah sell nuh somfy
One ting mi haffi tell yuh is di reason why
Sean-A-Paul give har di love becau mi well superfly
Girl check mi, cau yuh dun know seh yuh erect mi
And mi waan fi give yuh this a lovin yuh directly
Yuh mek mi, get inna di vibe true yuh sexy
And yuh know yuh body perfectly
Shape and designer
Girl can yuh handle di grind?
Nuff tings yuh put inna my mind
Ccau girl yuh know yuh fine
Shaggy and Sean Paul nuh blind
So we haffi sing it one time

[Will Smith]
Big Will Yo
I first met ya had a sense I was bound to get ya
Gotta be honest ma I'm astounded with ya
Magazine Latina where I found your picture
Fat shout to my manager had to get ya
Made contact sent the G4 for ya
My butler Carlos opened up my door for ya
Little picnic laid out on my floor for ya
Gimme the rock I'm a score for ya
Made a classic move were the rich and the famous
Take you see places you don't know what the name is
Make you eat food you don't know what the name is
Lace you with designers you don't know what the name is
Go to buy a globe I could point you where Spain is
Take you to the airport to see where the plane is
On a long flight, lay out where my aim is
Shaggy, Sean Paul
Y'all know what the game is come on

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