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Real Steel (Ft. Intence)

Sean Paul

Live N Livin'

Duttypaul even won't laugh
No Nothing funny about it
One time!
Bring more, bring more, women
Mi want more girls in me world
Girl fucking tell you bye bye
Bring dem come inna long sum to the kingdom

Bring more girls come through fi the king and the crew
Cause we puffing on trees and we sipping on brew
Gal dem wet up like a morning dew
Slip them outta the clothes and dash weh the shoe
Fi give the gyal dem steppinz
Dem don't got a clue, don't know what fi do
So dem nuh choose you
Turn the phone around and tape some blues
Like she siddung and a watch di cvm news

So mi gwaan like me can't talk (Real!)
Yo a pity him deeven know
A me have him gyal heart (From start!)
Duttypaul deeven wah laugh (ha!)
Gyal di way me see dem wife a me car mat (Dutty yeah)
Say she being the pussy gi him
And him bruk inna him shorts fam, A weh you call dat?
Nuh false start inna di P can't start
Go get di blue pill a walmart
Redbull can't help nor Monster

Because we keep it fresh for the girls again (one time!)
Pamela a come tell her bring her friend
(Duttypaul me know the gal)
Real life ting couldda never pretend
Steel man a fling pon the hot gal them

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