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Now That I've Got Your Love

Sean Paul

Imperial Blaze

Senhorita...The way you hot you know deh pon me meter...
Buona Sera...
Senhorita...Sean-da-paul you know she that wi a di leader Now now,cause...
Now that I got your love girl
I'll never ever give up..
I want you listen now
Because I love so much girl,
I'll always need your kiss and your touch
And all these things...

A no lullaby nor Ring Ding
But no plane can't fly pon one wing
I need you,you needing me and all these things..
There ain't no use pretending
Without you my life i ending
Without me your life is descending
And all these things..
Keep runing throught my mind confusin every time
Cause you ain't really mine
And all these things...
So the way you creep,we keep it...
So right so wrong so secret
No need to speak it girl dont leak it,weh me tell you this...
Chorus 2x

My girl fi a lifetime
Still love you girl,a di right time
So no bother put me pon sideline...
Cause big tings inna di pipeline
Tell all who no like it,bad mind
Cause you a top girl inna my mind
Keep it positive ,no negative,gotta keep my thoughts on the bright side
But I'd love to have you girl on my side,when I ride
Woulda love fi get to introduce you as my bride
To spend quality time girl you know that I've tried
Just lookinna mi eyes
You know I never lied and....

Chorus 2x

Yo baby girl you make me high,you make fly up inna di sky...ya
And all these things..
You shine a light up inna mi day,you make me find my way....yay
and all these things
Cause when I get with you girl...you put me top of world....word
And all these things
Cause this is is what we deserve,althgough it'seeming absud...girl
And all these thingsss...

Chorus 4X..

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