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Move Your Body

Sean Paul

A di link, my girl, a di link
Wi dont care what piepl wantin
A di link, my girl, a di link
Jus dance an all a drink
Girl it's yuh...

Party... dat why free yuh life pon yuh birthday
All day, all night, till gal tek a ike an get outta site, cau dis your...
Party, everyday a di year
Especially today, my girl, yuh nah play, my girl
Put yuh hand inna de air and scream meka hear

Move your body baby and enjoy yuhself
Free up yuh life cah yuh kno deyah fi live like book upon shelf
It's your party, dat a what yuh like
Express your feelings, forget about your problems tonite

[Verse 1]
S.P di girls phenomenom, lyrics pon di track flowin it on an on
Till a di early dawn, gal a bounce an gallang
Mek di gal dem come on, mek dem move dem bottom, gyal!
Mi love fi see de clothes yuh upon
So muggle an pose cau yuh deh pon de divan
Yuh hotta than dem gal dem pon television
Dats why yuh a create a stamp when yuh...


[Verse 2]
Yuh nah blood lai nuh light switch fuse
An yuh nah loose, an nuff man yuh refuse
Di ghetto whiskey it di drink wi choose
But more time a de arinsh juice, hygrade goose, gyal!
Yuh nobody once an two's, meh gal yuh dun kno bout de "DON'Ts and DOs"
So don't mek a man come get it confused
Mi gal jus gwaan mek di news, when yuh...


[Verse 3]
Yuh nuh play no no, no no way
No taiim a de nuun yuh kno yuh nah stray
SRAIGHT! till a mornin on an on an
Top de gal jus a waan pon de ghetto whiskey
Jus free up an move an get inna de cruise
Mek a gal nah say it a nah lame taiim
Dis a nah game taiim, dis a a shame taiim
Tell a gal she fi move up same taiim




*I'm not sure about the first line in the second verse, so if someone gets it, please email it to me or something. The rest is 99% accurate I think.

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