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Evening Ride

Sean Paul

Imperial Blaze


Maximum pleasure... For the gal dem at my leisure... S.P. say so.. Ah di Imperial serial for the gal dem material... Alright.. yo, yo...


Girl I'm comming home for the evening ride
So gal don't forget it
Me set it straight till a morning light
Just cancel your ticket, Because we due for the longest ride
Yes I know you miss it
Gal you need it badly the evening ride
I'm comming home for the longest ride
Imperial serial, the gal dem call me name
S. Peazy
When me check is a girl from round a me former lane weh name Niecie
She a talk she want me to put on the works again
She no easy
All the while she a tell me she need to bring the pain
So me tell her fi ride it, ride it gal just collide it, gallop and stride it
Furlong, take two lap
Fly the gate mek i get inside it and satisfy it
Gal straight from the op
Don't move... start it back, gal wine pon it, mek it solid as a rock
Spin pon it
Gal bend you because me waan come set this trap


When me bring it up, fling it up, vause me waan string it up fi you gal
Hot wuk fi you gal
Never run away, never stray, never play
I'M the professional Tek this literal
When me talk, you fi know me no cynical, girl I'm a general
I'm no criminal
Don't lock weh mi love like federal, let's get physical
Gal you fi move it, groove it, mi nuh mis-use it, mi will improve it
Girl I got it lock
Jist grind it, gal me a time it, straight up malign it
Doin it no-stop
Combine it, mek it shine, because is Jah design it
Solid as a rock
Don't Panic
brace pon it
because me waan come set this trap


Cause mi work all week and mi waan you fi ease the tension
Ease the tension
look pon it like a loan, gal this ain't no tax collection
check mi diction
mi nah lef out mi boots and mi nah lef my protection
Run the flex and mi run straight up right up mi give gal the love injection
right connection
i know you want it, jump on it, mi will keep the temperature boiling hot
i know you need it, mi will breed it, mi will keep it straight up gal non-stop
steady vibe, keep it alive don't "deady" the vibe...solid as a rock
Bounce pon it... gal hear mi chat because mi waan come set this track

Chorus: 2x

by Romero
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