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Don't Tease Me

Sean Paul

Imperial Blaze

Gyal yuh clothes dem fit pon yuh body when yuh walk in
gyal yuh body fit keep it talkin' to me girl
back it up to me pokin'
me nuh deal wih di ol' skylockin' (yuh see me girl)
one ting me nuh shoutin'
haffi gih gyal di leg keep di leg dem partin'
hear me now miss smartin'
me a wonder if yuh hav a idea weh yuh startin'
kick it up
set speed mek I set seat
my girl mek I all out
just bring it on
mek I get fi complying it on
my girl we nuh play don't stray me
listen me
dat ting yuh promise me
it essential to me mental
don't stress me just bless me wih di coochie
girl don't loo' (loose) me

Girl if yuh kno how fi please me
girl if yuh waan it don't tease me
when it com to di good lovin' girl yuh kno badman a no bait

girl if yuh kno how fi please me
girl if yuh waan it don't tease me
when it com to di good lovin' girl nuh mek my energy waste

anytime when yuh see me
yuh 'fi gimme weh yuh got fi me
caw me kno seh yuh sistren hot fi me
got clump pon di pot a bun fat fi me
seh she waan com do di tic toc fi me
round di clock fi me
nonstop fi me
she waan shake it front an' back fi me
dis set lap fi me
baby drop fi me
she nuh set trap fi me


weh me mean weh me tell yuh seh fi stop teasin'
gyal don't boudda flirt an' yuh not pleasin'
feel all dis size start increasin'
gyal yuh nuh let it off dat a big breachin'
hold on now me sit down here bleachin'
wait for di time an' it not reachin'
way whe me preachin' mek I sippin'
yuh got di ting weh me keep seekin'


see me stand up on di gate gyal
collaborate don't wait
mek yuh whole body start shake
mek all di earth start quake
caw yuh kno seh yuh great
gyal yuh 'fi hav som faith
don't mek di mistake
mek all mi allstar cake
punny like over cooweh
caw dat a man trade
so we haffi deal wih di sleight
gih gyal dis lovin' straight


Verse 1

Hook (2x)

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