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    (Seal/Sigsworth) 1991

    Don't worry, come closer.
    Don't cry.
    Ahh don't cry.
    Ahh don't cry.

    Get moving or I'll kick your ass...(background)

    Ba-Da ba-da ba ba-da,
    Ba-da ba da...
    (Seal's jewelery jingles)

    Ooohh...I watch you comb your hair in different light.
    You change the chair and seem to think that's alright.
    I understand,
    You need a change.
    When you make that change,
    Don't look to see...
    I'm alright.

    (background voices)

    Now that I look at you in different light...

    Change the chair....
    A violet unicorn to me that's alright

    I understand,
    You need a change...

    The world will elevate you.... world.. will elevate you....
    and when you make that change the world will elevate you...

    And if I told you then that I could cry,
    Would you take my tears and wash the sun rise? (L)
    A man afraid... has no shame...

    So when you take those tears don't look to see I'm alright
    look to see I'm alright

    (birds chirping)

    When you take those tears don't look to see I'm alright
    look to see I'm alright....

    (Seal's jewlery)

    How can I tell you?
    How can I explain?

    I.... I....
    I want your love, I need a change...

    In me.

    Ba-da ba-da ba, ba-da
    Ba-da ba da....

    (background voices)
    Why should they come?
    They were supposed to die back there.
    But I didn't, for the second time.
    Don't worry they'll come,
    They know.
    Do what?
    That I'm not like anyone else?

    Suddenly, (L)
    You and I will wait...
    In your dreams.

    (background voices)

    Suddenly, (L)
    You and I will wait...
    In your dreams
    Tonight... night...
    We'll finally change
    You and I will wait... (L)
    And maybe time will tell...

    All over...
    All over... (L)
    All over... (L)
    All over...
    All over... (L)

    You and I will need a...
    ...you and I...

    You and I will need a...
    ...you and I...

    You and I will need a better place....
    To start all over... again...

    Oh babe,
    Maybe tommorow
    ...maybe tomorrow

    Will Be their brighter day?
    Be their brighter day-hey... ...day-hey...

    All over...
    All over...
    All over...
    We'll finally change.... (L)
    With a lesson...
    With a lesson... (L)
    Oh and.... ...ohh no.

    (background voices)
    Why do they do that?
    Why do you want to do that? No-one else ever has.

    Because... no one else ever has.

    You've got no fear of communists when they're finished(?)
    They have only killed him for questioning.
    Don't be too fond of Christians.

    Come out.
    No, I want in.
    I'll speak to her, leave her.

    I've got to go to the hospital.
    The guy has taken me in.
    Give it to me...
    Please... Let me quit...
    Oh go on...
    Just don't leave me here.

    Ahh whether he thinks this might be helpful.
    Can you go back when he was evaluated?
    Charlie was evaluated in July
    His heart valve was causing him a problem.
    I know, that's why I don't understand it
    Well, if one of them thinks that it says symbiosis.
    (very faint news reporter)

    Loving chile there's,
    Always something new...
    Always something new...
    Always something new...
    Always something...
    Always something...

    Darling... ...yeah... ...there's something
    Always something... ...always something...

    (background voices)
    Soaking wet


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