You had the love of a creator before I was born.
That ultrasound was of a son to be the light of your world.
October came, you were still alone.
My mother just couldn't let go, but you understood.
You even handed her the blanket that you made for me in hope,

My little body would be yours to hold.
You know that blanket was the blanket that kept me warm?
L think today it's still the blanket that continues to keep me warm.
Because I get cold when I think of him.

But my mother's heart fell back into the hands of a man,
The one who embraced me with love and no questions asked.
"we're all just children of god." he said.
And I don't carry his blood but I know enough,
To know that I don't need science to feel undying love.
My whole life and three brothers makes me a son.

And as for you I know this is the bond we share,
I remain right here while you're somewhere out there.
But you will always be right here.

The irony is in the fact that you and my old man
Parallel in a theme too hard for me to understand.
You both loved me more than my father ever did.

Love puts forth a hand to hold,
While blood walks out, runs far too cold to love.

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