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Head In The Sand (Blinding Son)


I guess you bit off a little more than you could chew.
So you choked, sitting still in the waiting room.
It's a shame that the hospital couldn't fix something like that.
A lack of courage, a father gives his son to the past.
I guess you took a little more than your tentacles could hold.
So you sunk, I pinned you down on the ocean floor.
But you escaped, you let the current take you away.
The sand is the past, you took one last look and buried us.

Am I the only one or am I just one of many?
Because I need to know just how far you spread this suffering.
Bury your head just like the child that you are,
Just like the child that you've always been.
But I'm sure you're swollen chest
Will find way to boast of all the wrong you've done.

And when you sung to her in spanish,
What were you really saying?
Because I don't think in english it would be as appealing.
Did you tell her of the magic trick you had been practicing?
The one where you disappear, because you disappeared.

You are the devil that hides behind the curtains,
Pulling all these strings.
You are the maker, I am the puppet. you are the pistol,
I am the brain.I am the captive you torment indirectly.
But direction is not the key.
When you're the product of a coward's mistake.

I guess you bit off a little more than you could chew.
So you choked.
It's hard to swallow a mistake you can't undo.

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