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Prince Among Men

Scritti Politti

RAPPER: Yo, yo watch out, here we come, I never trust no-one
Make my own laws up ever since day one
Make my own rules, I'm a choose my own life
And who are you to say how I spend my nights?
Whether bustin' off steel or I'm bustin' on mikes
Well I'm turning out lights or I'm ready to fight
Trust no-one (no-one), same man who brought me here
Was the same man who left me broke and disappeared

Shed a tear for the future, don't know what it holds
You can have no clothes, look up and strike gold
And the world's so cold I ask my own questions
Find my own answers, learn my own lessons
Count my own blessings, book my own sessions
Worst comes to worst, got my own Smith & Wessons
Don't bother me, I'm screaming, fuck authority
I hate those cats with a suit and a tie

GREEN: Starts to come apart
Our high regard for making marks (and being organised)
It's hard to just discard
Our being smart for losing heart (you've got the Gorgan's eyes)
Run for cover superstars and
Show me that it's over

I'm telling you
Because the man to believe in now
Is just leavin'
You'll never find his likes again

RAPPER: Yes I try to believe in myself and walk surely
You know your boring speaches can't do nothing for me
The world saw me and gave me no other thing
With the prince amongst men, who will soon be king
Sit on a gold throne, yeah rule everything
Or maybe just a page in a young man's dream
Can't really conversate if you're ain't down with my team
Can't really set it straight if you don't the team

So live your own life, how you feel about that?
Well I'm a keep making money and watch my funds stack
They watched the craft stack, I watch the format
Technique is what they lack, I write my own rap
As a matter of fact, when you turn up the track
Make sure it sounds phat, how d'you feel about that?
Yo it's time to rule the world, man your positions
I'm out to the world, peace, I hope you listen

GREEN: Sure, it all depends on circumstances
(But the chance is that you never know)
More than means and ends but only glimpses
(Of an answer then it's time to go)
Run for cover Ubermensch
Show me that it's over

I'm telling you
'Cause we're the men to believe in now
But we're leaving
You'll never find our like again

'Cause we're so crazy
We got that dark in our hearts
So watch your apple carts
'Cause here we go

In duplicate
Indifferent to rain
Indifferent to pain
Indifferent to pain

Never to me, never to me, never to me now
Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me now
Never to me, never to me, never to me now
Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me now

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