Screams Of Hate

Past and Future / Good or Bad / Brain and Mind / Live or Survive

I Manipulated my acts, living in another Reality
Losing Control and Faith, this will be my Destiny
Purify My Mistakes, Changing My Personality
Breaking the rules and Values, Being Driven by insanity

Numbed, Numbed, Numbed by my Anger
Numbed, Numbed, Numbed by my Fear

I don't Need your Drugs – (for all effects)
To Live in this World – (lost world)
I don't Need Lies, Lies
To see the Truth


Living in another Reality
This will be my Destiny
Changing My Personality
Being Driven by Insanity

I Manipulated my acts…
Losing Control and Faith…
Purify My Mistakes…
Breaking the rules e Values…

Numbed by my Anger
Numbed by my fear

Seeking other pleasure

Compositor: Screams Of hate

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