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You Were Fitter In Your Myspace Picture

Scouting For Girls

Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oooh (x4)
I remembered you from school
But I never got your call
Back then
Then there was something out the blue
I received a note from you
An old friend
You'd found me on Facebook
You dropped me a line
We talked of our school days
And spoke of old times
I remembered you were nice
But you were fitter in your myspace picture (x2)
So what do you say,
How about a drink one day?
And maybe
Maybe something more
Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oooh (x2)
We'd been talking for a week
When you said that we should meet sometime
I've already had some notes
That you'll pick some videos online
From Facebook to Myspace
I asked you round my place
You are way too noisy so
I left disappointed
I don't mean to complain
'Cos it's great to see you again
I just thought there might be something more
Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oooh (x4)
There might be (x4) something more (x2)
From Myspace to Facebook
And Friends Reunited
Enjoy all those pictures
Just don't get excited
Chorus (x4)

By: Thiago Carezzato

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