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Life's Too Short

Scouting For Girls

Now I know we just met but I'll never forget
The way you tripped me, you tripped me up in love
It took me by surprise

And she knows, that I love, everything that she does
Cause she's stunning, she keeps me mesmerized
I fell into her deep blue eyes
I fell into her deep blue eyes

Come on, come on, come on just kiss me
I'll show you how to start
Your head says no but don't you listen
Just feel it in your heart
Come on, come on, come on just kiss me
Who cares if we get caught?
Because we both know that life's just too damn short

Don't be scared, lets not wait, I don't want to hesitate
Just come and kiss me, you make the sun shine brighter
Set my world on fire

And I know we'll be fine, even if you take your time
I'd wait forever, cause you make my heart sing
Just like a choir

Can you hear my heartbeat darling?
It's louder than an army marching on
Can you feel my heartbeat darling?

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