The Source

Scott Krippayne

How can it be none of the deeper questions cross your mind
Are you afraid to find surprises
Are you content only to skim the surface of the sea
And never know how deep this life is
Oh, don’t you ever lie awake
Break the bonds of time and space
And in your dreams pursue the answers

Don’t you wonder where hope comes from and
When love was born
Why does the sun break through the clouds
And burn away the storms
Don’t you wonder how joy and peace are found
In times like these
Doesn’t it make you want to know the Source

Where would it lead if we could see the mysteries of the mind
As pathways God’s designed to guide us
Is there a chance the Almighty hands that hung the worlds in place
Are still at work today inside us
Oh, don’t you ever close your eyes
And sense a purpose in your life
Flows from somewhere far beyond you


(The Source) behind the clues
The genesis of truth
The answers to our where and when’s and
How’s are found in Who

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