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Tell It Like It Is

Scott Krippayne

"If you wanna build a bridge
You gotta get down in the water
You gotta do some hard work
Where it's dangerous and steep
So the question then is this
Is it worth the aggravation
For some reconciliation
Where the chasm cuts so deep


There's no easy way
To help a stubborn world to change
And there's no free ride
On the rode to sacrifice
There's no short cut to take
To get us to a better place
That's just the way it is
If you wanna build a bridge

If you wanna tell the truth
You gotta find someone who'll listen
Then expect some opposition
'cause being honest is a risk
So I guess you'll have to choose
Is the trouble you uncover
Worth the freedom you discover
When you tell it like it is


You'll need some love to get you through
If you wanna tell the truth
Midnight in the garden
Counting up the cost
Could there be another way to save the world
Without the cross
If you wanna shine a light
You gotta take it to the darkness
Where the world can be so heart less
And you may have to go alone
So you really must decide
Is the difference that you're making
Worth the heavy toll it's taking
Just to bring a little hope


You've got to pay the price
If you wanna shine a light"

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