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Something Different

Scott Krippayne

No one claiming that possessions are their own
But sharing everything they have
No one throwing stones of judgment
While they’re living in a house that’s made of glass
People loving those who hate them most and blessing those who curse
People praying for their enemies and those who’ve done them hurt
Is all of my theology just things I like to say
So I can fall asleep at night believing that I’m saved (or is it)

Something different, spirit stirring
Swimming upstream against the current

People living in humility
Committed to be messengers of peace
Standing in the face of evil
With the courage just to turn the other cheek
Everybody putting everybody else above themselves
Redefining words like power, weakness, poverty and wealth
I can’t afford the luxury of living status quo
‘Cause when I look at Jesus’ life everything I know (says He was)

Something different, spirit stirring
Swimming upstream against the current
Mountain mover, life transforming
Not quite normal, nonconforming

I can’t ignore injustice and the tragic human cost
At the same time I’m confessing Him who died upon the cross

Same ole same ole just won’t do
If we’re seeking after truth
Living in complacency
Isn’t where we’re meant to be
Jesus never played it safe
Action needs to follow faith
If we’re afraid to take a chance
We can’t make a difference
I cannot be satisfied
Looking for a fence to ride
I know I need to die to me
Shake this mediocrity
Take a walk out on a limb
If I’m gonna live for Him
Love should make me radical
Worldly incompatible

Repeat Chorus

Compositor: Scott Krippayne/Steve Siler

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