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Shadow On The Sun

Scott Krippayne

Stars shoot across the Hollywood sky
Breaking into pieces before our very eyes
Suits building castles all for themselves
Hypnotized by the shine of power and wealth
They think their names are carved in stone
When they’re written in the sand

In the end
When the day is done
Only love can cast a shadow on the sun
When the fireworks fade
And the colors run
Only love can leave a shadow on the sun

Fools clutching at the mist of their youth
In a losing battle with vanity’s pursuit
Flash, the headlines scream a new name
Another scandal and fifteen minutes fame
They make their mark in neon lights
And soon the power goes out

Repeat Chorus

There is blazing beauty in the smallest sacrifice
And a simple word of kindness is true light

Repeat Chorus

Compositor: Scott Krippayne/steve Siler/tony Wood

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