Scott Krippayne

Hey, Renée
How you doing today, Renée
Picking up a cup of coffee
Then you’ll be on your way
Take a sip or two
What’s it like to be you
Is it really as perfect
As we’d like to conclude

Or do you lie awake at night
Contemplating life
Trying to remember some line of a song
Do you stare off into space
Dreaming of a place
Where you can just erase what went wrong

Hey, Renée
We got you up on display today
How do you process our opinions
With a smile on your face
I guess the pay’s pretty good (it should be)
But I don’t think I’d trade places with you
Even if I could

I’m sure there’re days you have your doubts
Wonder what it’s all about
When you can’t wait to just go home and get out of those shoes
Might pace across the floor
Cause you know there’s something more
But can’t decide what door you should choose
Me too

Hey, Renée
It’ll all be okay
Sorry, no, you don’t know me
Hope you have a nice day
You got a tough role to play
Jesus loves you, Renée
That’s all I wanted to say

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