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Last Will And Testament

Scott Krippayne

Last will and testament
I’m giving up
I think that it’s finally my time
There’s no reviving
A heart without life
No matter how hard I try

I’ve always struggled
To give You my best
But I wouldn’t give You control
So tired of wrestling
With all of this flesh
Lord, I just want to let go

I go down
I go down
Not a sound
Of the voices that haunted me
Chains that held onto me
Deeper now
I go down
Lost and found
In your love

Slowly surrendering
Saying goodbye
To things that I used to hold dear
Laying to rest
All my plans and my pride
Leaving behind all the fear

Strange transformation
The spark of new life
While an old man is passing away
I don’t have the answers
I don’t need to know
Cause I am surrounded by grace (as)

Repeat Chorus

Compositor: Brown Bannister/Scott Krippayne

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