I Am Jesus

Scott Krippayne

Saw his old weathered fist holding on tight to that brown paper bag
Pressed it up to his lips and took another sip in the rain
He was mumbling words on the edge of the curb with his eyes to the ground
I would’ve walked on by but I thought I heard him say

I am Jesus
I’m your mother, father
Sister, brother
Your son and daughter
You can pretend you don’t hear me
You can say I don’t exist
But I am
I am Jesus

I admit right at first I thought he was just some crazy old fool
‘Til he carefully shifted his gaze and looked up at me
I recalled an old phrase from back in the days as his desperate eyes sunk in
Something about whatever you do to the least of these – you do to me

Repeat Chorus

There’s no way
Could it be
I don’t know
Maybe he
Was some sort of homeless angel
With a message just for me

Repeat Chorus

Compositor: Scott Krippayne/Dean Krippaehne

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